(The Children of Duc Son)


The Duc Son Orphanage of the Duc Son Pagoda is the township of Thuy Bang in the hamlet of Cu Chanh in the Hue province in Vietnam.
It was started by the Buddhist nuns with only a few children in 1987.
In 2012, it hosts one hundred seventy-three orphans, twelve babies from three months to two years and fifteen children with disabilities.


The orphanage is headed by the Rev. Minh Tu, its founder
-assisted about 20 nuns,

-assisted by the older children of the orphanage, who after school participate in the life of the orphanage by notably helping the younger ones.
-assisted by volunteers (neighbors of the pagoda, doctors, outside students from time to time).



Objectives :
The orphanage aims to provide a complete school education and training programs to give each child a capac
ity for complete autonomy as young adults.

Resources :
The resources for the orphanage only come from the donations of private benefactors.




The difficulties facing the orphanage are multiple :
* Financial:The increasing number of children outgrowing the financial resources of the orphanage.
Due to the higher number of children, the orphanage find it more difficult to provide the daily basic needs of the
children such as:
-infant formula and diapers for infants and children with disabilities
-providing meat or fish with the meal

** Location
Located close to the River of Perfumes, the establishment is subject to flooding every year during the monsoon season.


Despite their daily hardships, the nuns aim
to modernise ,develop and invest in the centre,

Such as:

-Tiling of all floors and walls of the buildings in order to facilitate the cleaning of the premises after the flooding.
-Replacing part of the roof with steel sheeting for safety from damage caused by gale-force winds.
-the renovation and extension of the nursery
-the purchase of educational tools, computers and a photocopier.

One of the classrooms renovated thanks to the funds raised
by the association in 2009